phase 1
the year 2010 brought the release of our first album “Hope”. it was also our first step at that time to define a certain set of musical language and recording skills. the work for “Equilibrium” started right after that and we took great advantage from our previous experience. the album was released in 2012.

phase 2
after that we went into an ongoing public hiatus due to the complexity of our new project and our own ambitions. the end of the year 2015 marked the definitve beginning of phase 2, when we became a triad and found a new flow in creating music. our current sound is the culmination of nearly everything we like and hold dear.

phase 3

it has been two years in the making. with the release of “III” we enter our third phase as a band. after recording and working on those pieces we proudly present our music. to us it is now a strange beast of influences and expressions we fail to grasp for ourselves. sit back, relax and take some time to listen.

Frank Skaper
Christoph Taube
Michael Gerstner